Type 3 Toxic

When Dr. Bredesen first identified the Six Types of Alzheimer’s Disease, he speculated that the Type 3 Toxic type comprised about 10-15% of the total cases of Alzheimer’s Disease. However, in his most recent training for practitioners (ReCoDe 2.0), Dr. Bredesen acknowledged that around 50% of Alzheimer’s Disease has some Type 3 Toxic component.

This is a huge piece of information. Fifty percent of the people who are dealing with cognitive decline have some level of Environmental Illness.

Environmentally acquired illness (EAI) refers to serious chronic health problems caused by exposure to mold and other biotoxins, Lyme and other persistent infections, toxic chemicals such as pesticides, heavy metals, air pollution, dust, and other irritants found in the environment. Unhealthy indoor air and persistent infections are the two primary causes of EAIs.

International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illnesses— ISEAI.org

This illustrates why there have been over 400 failures in finding a single silver-bullet drug. You can’t add a drug that will take away toxicity. If ameloid-beta and tau depositions are the body’s protective responses to infection or toxins, why are researchers still trying to remove them before solving the underlying problem?

If our environment is poisoning us, we need to understand how in order to be able to restore function to bodies and minds. Start with auditing your food, your tap water, your products and your air quality.

  • Healing Type 3 Toxic Alzheimer’s is a bigger challenge than healing the other types– but it is treatable.
  • The etiology is more complex to identify.
  • Reversal of symptoms is a slower process, often requiring several years.

Some bodies can handle toxic insults better than others. That’s why you can have a family of four living in a moldy house, but only one or two family members get sick. Your genetics either handle your environment, or get overwhelmed. If your genetics need assistance, you may need cleaner air and water in order to detoxify and heal.

I understand this from personal experience. I found the Bredesen Protocol after getting sick myself with environmental illness. It took several years to heal because it took that long for me to understand the multiple mechanisms of dysfunction.

Science is evolving to identify and reverse these disease processes, and you can benefit from this evolution. However, the medical standard-of-care usually lags behind the emerging science by about 17 years. It requires an early understanding of the Big Picture to take advantage of this progress.

The old medical paradigm is still pouring billions into finding an answer to the wrong question. Time and money that is invested into that dying paradigm is time and money that is wasted.

There is no time to waste.

We use discernment to determine which path is worthy of our investment and then we hit that path with everything we have. Are you ready?