The Bredesen Protocol

Your Individualized Protocol will include these 7 elements.

Your Protocol will be determined by your unique epigenetic response to your unique environment. It’s like a fingerprint.

But it will have the following 7 inter-related elements in some capacity:

Nutrition– You will incorporate some level of ketosis, which is switching the body’s fuel source from glucose to ketones. This dramatically increases your insulin sensitivity, which improves metabolism, lowers inflammation and catalyzes detox.

Exercise- There simply is no better way to improve BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) than exercise (and no better exercise than Dancing!) Exercise improves all your systems and your sleep.

Sleep– Sleep needs to be optimized to maintain insulin sensitivity, to allow the glymphatic system to “clean the brain” at night, and to catalyze neural regeneration. Whatever it takes to bio-hack your sleep is what we will do, until it works.

Stress– The level of stress that is normalized in this modern era is not supportive to human health. Lower stress levels come as a by product of a calm mind, so exercise, meditation and spending time in nature are all important parts of healing.

Stimulation– Brain Training is a precision tool that has been scientifically proven to promote specific neural pathways. Playing music, learning languages and trying new things also support your overall neuroplasticity.

Detoxification– Your genetics are already expressing themselves in your environment. Some genetics are a challenge. Some environments are a challenge. We’ll try to figure out what is happening in the conversation between your environment and your body, in order to allow us to target how to improve your expression.

Supplements– Supplements are how you polish your program. They come last because you are working to not need them and you want to optimize your potential for success by choosing the fewest and highest quality supplements that are most likely to have the largest impact on your situation. We will be attempting to discover and alter the “mechanisms of dysfunction” (is it inflammation? blood-sugar imbalance? hormone deficiency? toxicity?) and will choose supplements to target those systems. Hopefully we will have some guidance from your genetics in understanding what is being expressed.


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