“To start somewhere nearer the beginning of my issues, I had been compromised by a massive chemical exposure while working in research at a well-known University.  This led to a limited life, compromised energy and abilities, with many losses, for many years.

As time progressed my physical condition declined as did the abilities of my doctors to offer effective help.  Frustration progressed through a number of physicians and the discovery of new diagnoses.  The challenges were daunting and quite a blow after all these years.  I had hoped for greater recover rather than a substantial set back. 

What emerged was a miasma of the brain, soul, spirit and body.  To lead one through the clarification of these impediments to healing and resolution, it is helpful, no imperative, to have a guide. 

Holly has been that for me to help me trace a path through the unknown and exotic course of my life. Had I not connected with Holly two years ago, my life today would likely be much harder today.  She has a deep reservoir of experience and learning around chronic illness which she generously shares. 

Gathering of thoughts, organization, research, clarification, planning, presence, noting the transcendent are some of her talents and contributions.She accompanied me on the healing path and encouraged me to stay the path when I, many times, might have given up. To be heard, understood, and helped is healing in and of itself. 

However, that is just the beginning here.  The twists and turns of physical illness can intertwine mental states thereby clouding judgement. The reflections of a skilled observer can be invaluable in restoring the equanimity necessary to stay on the path of healing and to make considered critical decisions.   Together Holly and proceed in our work toward healing.”

— Zora N., March 2021

“I was suffering from cognitive decline from unknowingly living in a water damaged building for over a decade.  I was having non stop headaches to the point I could not work anymore. I had been camping for several months to try to bring inflammation down. Some mutual friends introduced us.

Holly is extremely positive, intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

I feel lucky to have met Holly. It’s unbelievably helpful to receive coaching from someone who has also experienced this situation. It can be confusing and stressful, especially when you are in pain and have cognitive difficulty. I had done research myself, and had extensive traditional medical testing, but was still in a panicked, stressed state when I met her.

Holly helped with setting goals and coming up with solutions – she is a steady presence, and positive problem solver.”

–SCG, 2019

“Holly, I listened to the recording of the consultation with the doctor again and wanted to compliment you on the excellent job you did guiding the conversation towards the key issues. I wandered off into the portable oxygen and other issues that were on my mind and if you hadn’t been there, we wouldn’t have gotten the orderly transmission of information that was so desperately needed. Great job, thank you so much. ” 

–MG, 2020