“Was I ever lucky to serendipitously find out that there was a Bredesen Coach in my small town of Silver City NM. I was on my 3rd Bredesen MD and realized that my fuzzy brain needed more help than MDs had to offer.

Holly and I connected in January 2021. She finished her level 2 Bredesen training in March that year. This was when the Level 2 training was only available for clinicians. (Now coaches have a separate training.) She had to work hard to get this training under her belt but it has paid off for me. She constantly interacts with this community and the ISEAI.org group to stay up on the latest that is coming down the pike and is in a position to ask the crowd questions about particular issues.

She suggested I investigate different protocols that were being either talked about in the
ReCode (Bredesen) community or other ideas from her extensive research. I will be specific here:

We started by me getting the baseline testing for Plasmalogens with Dr Dayan Goodenowe’s program for reviving mitochondrial health. I then took the product for a year, retested and showed very positive lab results. My mitochondria seemed to have muscle now! Holly was with me for both interviews with Dr Goodenowe and made sure I had information I could review later, something very important for someone with a fuzzy memory.

Then Holly brought my attention to the game changer-MCAS, (mast-cell activation syndrome) which none of my MDs had ever mentioned. With her suggestion I connected to Beth O’Hara’s website and podcasts and read Dr Afrin’s book on Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. It was obvious that this was one of my big not-yet-addressed issues and had been for quite a long time.

Coupling this information with the results of my Cyrex Array results allowed me to see where I, the captain of the ship, was steering the boat incorrectly and thus make the hard changes to food habits that we all are so reluctant to do. I am already on a diet to accommodate an allergy to cane sugar, lectin avoidance and Celiac gluten/ milk free and having to go that one step more- omit all grains, was a commitment.

On another very important front, Holly seemed to know a lot more about Neuroquant imaging than the MD. We both worked to get this report in the correct format. It took a year struggling with the imaging company with no help from the MD.

Holly suggested I get genetic testing with Bob Miller’s company, Tree of Life, where a deeper dive was done into genetic issues with the sharing or my 23andMe raw data. I learned so much with this report that I could apply to life style changes such as my inability to get enough choline, the 4 polymorphism of vitamin D that needed high supplementation to correct, the 50% reduction in my ability to transfer beta carotene to retinol, the vitamin A the body uses. This test also pointed out additional lab testing I need to determine if the Keto diet is right for me or if I risk hypoglycemia or triglyceride levels going up. Much much more.

She is constantly sharing information with me such as a better Sulforaphane to take, or
treatments I might want to consider for pelvic adhesions due to past peritonitis.

The latest boost she gave me was when I decided to change my Functional MD, Bredesen trained, to a new one after 2 years and after he decided to no longer participate as a Medicare provider. She did the impossible which was to get my labs and treatment from one MD Portal to another, a fierce-some task! This was extremely helpful since my brain injury from mold toxins and bacteria seems to have residual negative effect in the ability to organize and to learn new computer skills; though I am improving!

It seems to me that Bredesen followers with cognitive issues precipitated by mold toxicity, inflammation, infectors and MCAS are the most difficult ones to turn around. And this is Holly’s specialty. I feel I have made great strides towards cognitive cohesiveness with Holly’s unflagging help.”

Teresa Beall, April 12, 2022


“To start somewhere nearer the beginning of my issues, I had been compromised by a massive chemical exposure while working in research at a well-known University.  This led to a limited life, compromised energy and abilities, with many losses, for many years.

As time progressed my physical condition declined as did the abilities of my doctors to offer effective help.  Frustration progressed through a number of physicians and the discovery of new diagnoses.  The challenges were daunting and quite a blow after all these years.  I had hoped for greater recover rather than a substantial set back. 

What emerged was a miasma of the brain, soul, spirit and body.  To lead one through the clarification of these impediments to healing and resolution, it is helpful, no imperative, to have a guide. 

Holly has been that for me to help me trace a path through the unknown and exotic course of my life. Had I not connected with Holly two years ago, my life today would likely be much harder today.  She has a deep reservoir of experience and learning around chronic illness which she generously shares. 

Gathering of thoughts, organization, research, clarification, planning, presence, noting the transcendent are some of her talents and contributions.She accompanied me on the healing path and encouraged me to stay the path when I, many times, might have given up. To be heard, understood, and helped is healing in and of itself. 

However, that is just the beginning here.  The twists and turns of physical illness can intertwine mental states thereby clouding judgement. The reflections of a skilled observer can be invaluable in restoring the equanimity necessary to stay on the path of healing and to make considered critical decisions.   Together Holly and proceed in our work toward healing.”

— Zora N., March 2021


“I was suffering from cognitive decline from unknowingly living in a water damaged building for over a decade.  I was having non stop headaches to the point I could not work anymore. I had been camping for several months to try to bring inflammation down. Some mutual friends introduced us.

Holly is extremely positive, intelligent, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

I feel lucky to have met Holly. It’s unbelievably helpful to receive coaching from someone who has also experienced this situation. It can be confusing and stressful, especially when you are in pain and have cognitive difficulty. I had done research myself, and had extensive traditional medical testing, but was still in a panicked, stressed state when I met her.

Holly helped with setting goals and coming up with solutions – she is a steady presence, and positive problem solver.”

–SCG, 2019


“Holly, I listened to the recording of the consultation with the doctor again and wanted to compliment you on the excellent job you did guiding the conversation towards the key issues. I wandered off into the portable oxygen and other issues that were on my mind and if you hadn’t been there, we wouldn’t have gotten the orderly transmission of information that was so desperately needed. Great job, thank you so much. ” 

–MG, 2020