Hi, I’m Holly. I was a health counselor and social worker before I learned about Environmental Illness first hand.

Since the brain is an exquisitely sensitive reflection of your overall health, it becomes the perfect tool for “biohacking.” For me, this has meant using functional medicine to understand the mechanisms that create sensations or symptoms.

Insomnia can have many causes, for example. Is it hormonal? Histaminergic? Parasympathetic Nervous System dysregulation? (In my case, it was all three.) I needed to understand each of the actions and pull apart the layers, one by one, in order to heal.

I became certified as a health coach specifically in the Bredesen Program because this functional medicine approach is what worked for me. Only by understanding the mechanisms of action can we change the expression.

The challenges in the Type 3 Toxic profile are the same challenges in Environmental Medicine. Understanding how to heal through these challenges is my unique skill set.

Here is more about my journey.

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