The Bredesen Protocol works to reverse and prevent cognitive decline. But it is a complex and demanding protocol to implement, especially if you are among the 50% who have a Type 3 component.

There’s a lot to learn.

There are several layers of lifestyle changes that you need to get right just to achieve a baseline. There is intermittent fasting and a Ketoflex diet, sleep hygiene, brain training, stress management, supplements and detox pathway optimization. You may have to learn to check your ketones and do a sleep study, for example.

You need a doctor. Do you need a coach too? Someone who can…

  • help you understand your doctor’s instructions
  • help you understand the lab results and what they mean for treatment
  • inspire success with new lifestyle changes
  • help you prioritize how to use limited time and money
  • remind you to have compassion for yourself
  • help you connect with your inner motivation
  • celebrate your successes and progress!

When you have an experienced Bredesen Health Coach, you can feel confident that you’re not leaving out important steps.

What sets me apart from other coaches?

Years of experience of health coaching as well as personal experience in healing from environmental illness. Read more here.

Most coaches have a package of services with incentives designed to motivate you. I don’t.

I assume you are already highly motivated.

I have a straight hourly rate of $75. We can discuss how many hours will work for you and adjust it completely by what works best for your process. Whether I’m in session, writing your follow up, doing research for you or populating your ReCODE Report, the hourly rate is the same.

I typically allow two hours for a new-client-intake: Half hour to review all your paperwork and one and a half hours to have a conversation. I typically would spend one hour every other week with you, but sometimes it’s 2 hours every week and sometimes it’s one hour once a month. Up to you.

Sometimes I attend virtual appointments with you and your doctor. We connect by phone or zoom. You can email me and text me between appointments, if something comes up.

I usually do a written follow-up email after each session, so if we spend 1 hour on the phone and I spend 30 minutes writing, that would be $75 x 1.5= $112.50. I send invoices by email and you can pay remotely.

I offer a sliding scale.


I’ve been through this personally. I have personal experience with the diet, many of the labs, the therapies, the supplements, the setbacks and the roller coaster of emotions associated with healing from complex challenges.

You can benefit from the what I had to learn the hard way.

I am a social worker– a trained mental health professional. I am an empathic partner to have when there are challenges with communication and emotions, frustrations and family. I can help you remember the long goal and remind you of what you are doing right.

I am a partner member at the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illnesses (or as well as certified in the ReCoDe 2.0 practitioner training through Apollo Health. That means I took the trainings designed for doctors both times, rather than wait for the health coaches’ training.

Lastly, being of service is foundational to my life. My tendency is to have a deep impact on a few people. Contact me to schedule your free 30 minute session to see if we are a good fit..