Brain Health

Your brain is a mirror.

If you are perceiving changes such as these:

⌾ Difficulty with calculations that used to be easy for you.

⌾ Inability to organize information

⌾ More confusion under stress

⌾ Brain fog

…there might be a systemic reason for this, like toxicity or infection. The body will preserve the brain as well as it can, so if there are changes in cognition, that could be a clue that your whole system has adapted to accommodate chronic pathogenicity.

Treating the symptoms isn’t enough. You have to find the root causes.

Dr. Dale Bredesen has spent three decades researching what affects brain health. He wrote “The End of Alzheimer’s.” His research has culminated in a comprehensive, cutting-edge program that includes a thorough functional-medicine audit of all the systems in your body that could affect your brain and what works to reset them. This health audit is called a “cognoscopy.” There are six types of Alzheimer’s to assess;

Type 1 ➨ Whether you are inflamed and how to calm it down.
Type 1.5 ➨ If your blood sugar is off and how to become more insulin sensitive.
Type 2 ➨ Whether you are atrophic and need hormones and nutrients to grow new brain cells.
Type 3 ➨ If you are toxic from tick-borne illness, mold or chemicals and how to detox.
Type 4 ➨ Whether your vascular system needs support and how to get it.
Type 5 ➨ If you have a history of traumatic brain injury or concussion and how to heal.

I am trained in the Bredesen Protocol 2.0 as a Health Coach. Health Coaches assist the client and the physician in implementation of the individualized protocol, based on what your body needs. It can be a steep learning curve, so it helps to have a Protocol Buddy to :

⌾ Help you complete the health audit
⌾ Support changes to your diet and lifestyle habits
⌾ Help you find the pace of change that is sustainable
⌾ Show you how not waste your limited money on unproven solutions.
⌾ Help you understand what your doctor has suggested for your Protocol and why.
⌾ Help you put progress and setbacks into perspective and keep moving forward.

Work with Holly.